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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use webgeno for my website?
webgeno is an ideal solution for the situation where the website author doesn't have control over the server. Many universities and free website services offer minimal support like this where you are given a web folder or FTP folder where all you can do is simply upload content. webgeno may very well be your only option for a Content Management System in this situation. But even if your web hosting service offers more options, you may still want to use webgeno for its simplicity and ease of use.
Why doesn't everyone use webgeno?
webgeno is not ideal for sites that require dynamic content or session management. So anyone looking to set up an e-commerce site or a site that requires users to log-in should look elsewhere. It is designed for personal websites and small projects. While it is still evolving, some people may find that the webgeno schema is not expressive enough and particularly large projects might find that the generation time is too slow to be feasible.
Do I have to know HTML, CSS, XSL, etc. to use webgeno?
No, if you are content with using one of the provided templates. Yes, if you want to create your own template.

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