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webgeno 5.1

Now there are separate packages for Windows and Linux with the appropriate script files filtered out. The Linux script files now have the execute bit set so they can be run without needing to manually set execute permissions.

All templates are now located in a "templates" folder to separate them from the various other files in the framework. Various minor font adjustments were made for some of the templates

A "linkas" attribute was added to pages so that the text that links to the page can be different than the page title. Changed the attribute "title" attribute on links to "linkas" to conform to this new convention, thus breaking backwards compatibility.

Page-specific CSS can now be added. Simply create a file in the page's folder called "page.css" and add any CSS overrides that you want for that specific page. This can be particularly useful, for example, if you want to change the position of a graphic on a particular page.

Page and section images have been added so you can associate a graphic with page or a section rather than just embedding it in the first paragraph. Templates could be altered to do fancy things with these images.

Images now have a "caption" attribute that can be set

Website icons were pointing to the wrong place. This has been fixed.